Terms and Conditions

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Where an emergency call out is requested, payment is due immediately after the first hour on site. If further works after the first initial hour is required an estimate will be provided. Rates are charged per hour plus materials. Emergency work may consist of getting the installation into safe temporary use, wholly or partially until a further appointment can be made. An emergency call out does not guarantee the re-energisation of any circuits or equipment. We can’t guarantee a fault can be found or rectified within the first hour.   

Our aim is to have the engineer on site within 90 minutes from the booking and an estimated arrival time will be provided. It is the clients responsibility to provide an accurate attendance address.Immediately after booking an emergency call out we get straight to work to assign an electrical engineer to attend. Cancellations made by the client after 10 minutes of the booking being made will result in a cancellation charge equal to that of the initial call out charge. This will be invoiced and payment due within 3 days.

The removal of existing accessories (sockets, switches and the like) for testing, inspecting, replacement or modification may result in minor chipping of plaster, paintwork or wallpaper which may require correction by third parties that has not been accounted or priced for in any way. Where carpets or flooring needs to be lifted, every effort will be made to avoid damage and refit to an acceptable standard, however a professional may be required to refit. Overtime carpet underlay deteriorates. The cost of replacement or fitting of any flooring has not been priced for.Unless specified, wall chases will be left unfilled. A small amount of plaster or the like may be applied around sockets, light switches etc where it’s deemed required to aid the fixings and finishing of accessories. Repairs to decorative finishes such as wall chases may require professional attention which unless specified has not been priced for.

Any additional work including the rectification of pre-existing faults is subject to a new estimate or quotation. If our services have been obtained or sourced through a third party or agency our prices will be higher than those displayed on this website. We do not offer credit, therefore any payments are due immediately upon completion. Accepted methods of payment are credit/debit card, cash and cleared bank transfer. Vehicle related parking charges where applicable will be added to the final invoice.We will not work within premises where there are minors present without adult supervision. Installations on site may be carried out by one or more employees of J Upton Electrical or qualified sub-contractors representing J Upton Electrical.Please note that calls may be monitored or recorded.These terms and conditions can change at any time without notice.